Top 5 Reasons to Consider eliseo®

You know the expression, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” Usually that’s true — except when it comes to Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs). Some offer all levels of care right on campus; others don’t. Some have chef-made meals and restaurant-style dining; some offer no meals at all. And some may be bustling at all hours while others quiet down after dinner.

In fact, Life Plan Communities (or CCRCs) tend to vary so widely that trying to compare them is like comparing a clunker to a Cadillac. This is especially true for independent senior living communities. Amenities are different. The personality is different. Even what “independent” looks like varies from resident to resident. 

If you’re starting to plan your retirement living and comparing a Life Plan Community like eliseo to others you’ve seen, you may wonder what puts eliseo head and shoulders above the others. We can help with that.

Top 5 reasons to consider eliseo 

  1. Living options. We’re leading with the big reason, which is living options. That’s because though you may be perfectly healthy and independent today, your health or your spouse’s health may change suddenly in the near future. Do you have a plan in place? If you live at eliseo, you do. As an eliseo resident, you have an independent living residence — which is either an apartment, condo or villa at our exciting or new expansion being built — plus access to assisted living, memory care, long-term care, as well as short-terms stays and rehabilitation. And all of this is on the same campus. If you need care, you’ll receive just the level you need, right on the eliseo campus. 
  1. Amenities. At eliseo, you’ll find an incredibly long list of amenities to enjoy the day you move in:
    1. Saltwater pool and spa, exercise equipment room and aerobic studio in the Emerson Wellness & Clark Aquatic Center
    1. Gardens, fully equipped woodworking shop, a textile, ceramic and painting studio
    1. Dining venue options and restaurant-quality cuisine
    1. Diverse calendar of social, cultural, educational and volunteer opportunities

All of this is truly just a sampling of what eliseo offers. The truth is, the eliseo campus is just one half of the community. There’s also the advantages of living in Tacoma. Consider all the outdoor activities available in Tacoma, WA — golfbeaches, parks, biking, hiking, skiing — along with Tacoma’s family activities, such as museums, the zoo, festivals, the aquarium. They’re all ready and waiting for you to explore. So instead of spending your free time on home maintenance, house cleaning or cooking, you can enjoy an active life.

  1. Programs. You want to stay healthy in mind, body and soul. That’s what eliseo wants for you, too. Our programs are centered on helping you engage with a host of life enrichment opportunities that contribute to your physical, intellectual and emotional well-being. You’ll find more to do than there are hours in the day, all organized by our life enrichment staff and full-time activities coordinators.
  1. Spiritual supportWhatever faith you practice — even if you practice no faith at all — eliseo welcomes everyone and invites every resident to pursue worship in whatever form it takes. Our two chaplains are ordained in the Ministry of Word and Sacrament  by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and offer services including daily chapel services, monthly Communion services, grief counseling and support, Bible studies and Sunday worship.
  1. Lifestyle and socialization. As you read the first four reasons to consider eliseo you may be comparing what you currently have access to versus not, but most likely you don’t have all these things right outside your door. At eliseo, you have all the styles and levels of living available to you, as you need it. You have all the amenities and programs that help you improve your overall well-being. You have spiritual access and support. You have an entire community of neighbors who share your interests and have had similar life experiences. And you have the complete freedom and liberty to partake in as much or as little of our vibrant, active lifestyle as you choose. You always have the comfortable private environment of your own apartment, condo or villa in our existing or new expansion, which is your own personal space where you can find peace, quiet and a place to recharge. 

Bonus reason: We’re a Life Plan Community. We said earlier that a Life Plan Community is the same thing as a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC. But we didn’t define it. A Life Plan Community is exactly that: a community for older adults where they can keep enjoying their active, independent lives today, knowing they have a plan for care in place if they need it in the future. And in the Tacoma, WA, area, eliseo offers the most robust Life Plan contract around, which means you can enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you have a plan for whatever the future holds.

Take a moment to look closer at eliseo®. Plan your personal visit to our campus by calling 253-319-3947. Or join us for an upcoming event. Not quite ready for a visit? Still casually looking at all your options? That’s ok, too. You’re always welcome to contact us to start a conversation.