Our Neighborhood

Rain or shine, Tacoma has it all.

With over 200,000 residents living here, Tacoma is home to some of the most unique and fascinating cultural assets on the West Coast. Mount Rainer overlooks the city from the shoreline of Puget Sound, just miles from the hustle and bustle of each Tacoman district. New, exciting, and often unconventional restaurant options and waterfront attractions are added each year, making the city feel brighter and more interesting with each passing day.

Point Defiance Park

With over 760 acres of natural space to explore, this peninsula leaning into Puget Sound is home to hiking and biking trails, as well as breathtaking floral displays that are treasured by locals in the area. Take your grandkids to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, or enjoy a stroll on Owens Beach to soak up some sun on a warm day—all in the largest urban park this side of the Mississippi River.

Theater District

If you’re on the hunt for world-class entertainment, look no further than Tacoma’s Theater District. Nestled in where 9th Street runs into Pacific Avenue, this lineup of theater organizations provide Tacoma and its residents with year-round performances across a number of genres. Stand-up comedy, musicals, symphonies, concert bands and more – whatever your taste, the Theater District has a show.

Ruston Way Waterfront

Two miles long and chock-full of attractions and restaurants alike, the Ruston Way Waterfront is a must-visit on any sunny day. Just minutes from downtown, this paved coastal road offers lively (or quiet) waterfront dining options, maritime excursions and experiences, and shopping opportunities abound. You may even see a few seals basking on this beautiful coastline of South Puget Sound.

The Proctor District

One of the more charming neighborhoods in all of Washington state, the Proctor District is home to a long list of small businesses and shops, homegrown right here in Tacoma. Stop by Proctor Art Gallery, visit the famously vegan Viva Tacoma for a bite to eat, or enjoy a large selection of craft beers at one of the neighborhood taverns. And if you’re a movie connoisseur, you can’t miss an opportunity to watch an old or indie flick at the historic Blue Mouse movie theater.

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