Continued growth. Renewal of the spirit. eliseo is transforming in more ways than one.

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Welcome Home

Rise Above. Reach Beyond.

Welcome Home. 

We have long been a destination for those seeking salvation from the restraints of an ordinary senior living lifestyle. Generations of residents have come together, here, to continue leading extraordinary lives.

eliseo translates to "God is my Salvation" in Hebrew. This name will forever serve as a reminder to look to the heavens-inspiring us to rise higher while reaching beyond what is possible.

Welcome to eliseo.

Home is where the heart is

Rise Above. Reach Beyond.

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Why choose eliseo?

As we travel this path toward a brighter future, we will always be reminded to look to the heavens so that we can rise above while reaching beyond what is possible. Here, we celebrate a passion for progress and a better aging experience that doesn’t feel like aging at all.

Whether it’s a meal, an event or a moment with a friend, our residents are encouraged to embrace everything the world has to offer. Connected with community and nature — we laugh, learn and feast on life.