The value of living at eliseo.

As a Life Plan Community, eliseo’s financial model is fundamentally based on two types of payments: an upfront entrance fee, and an ongoing monthly fee. Lets discuss the difference between the two and what they cover for you, the resident:

What’s included in the entrance fee?

The entrance fee is a one-time, lump-sum deposit that secures your residency in our community, as well as your access to all the services and amenities we provide. The amount has been determined based on our resident’s needs for a consistent financial model that is both affordable and sustainable. Most residents will fund the cost of the entrance fee with the money they receive from the sale of their current home.

While entrance fees are often different across all Life Plan Communities, the amount of the deposit made here at eliseo is based on a number of variables, including:

  • The amount of occupants living here
  • Your selected apartment’s square footage
  • The location of your apartment
  • Any sort of construction done for the property itself

Beyond those key ticket items, it also provides you with the contractual healthcare benefits that come with living in a Life Plan Community: 24-hour access to a healthcare provider, assisted living, memory care, short-term rehabilitation specialists and more.

What’s included in the monthly fee?

Once residents move in, they are required to pay an ongoing monthly fee – the cost of which is often comparable to that of living independently at home. This fee is effectively the rent that residents pay on a monthly basis.

Outside of covering the cost of your home, this monthly payment covers the cost of all the services and amenities that come with your apartment home. This includes services like home maintenance needs, dining, on-campus programming, operations around the community, and much more.

Similar to the entrance fee, the monthly fee is not the same for everyone. Instead, it is determined by two variables:

  1. The square footage of your apartment home, and
  2. The number of occupants (1 or 2 people)

For more information the pricing model of eliseo, please reach out to one of our staff members at 253.752.7112, or by filling out the form found on our contact us page.

Understanding pricing at eliseo

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