Elevated essence.

A full life is filled with bold, rich flavors at eliseo. That’s because each dining experience on our campus is an occasion to remember. Mouthwatering selections, prepared by a supremely talented, full-time executive chef and an attentive team, will provide all the nutrition needed without ever sacrificing taste. We understand that good food not only fuels our bodies but can also fill our spirits with the delights that can only come from a homemade meal.

A combination of both familiar favorites and new flavors highlights the menus at all our dining establishments across our campus. Here, the best of classic and contemporary cooking meets the luxury of restaurant-quality cuisine in venues that vary from a full-service, sit-down atmosphere to an inviting café that echoes the comforts of home.

Flexible credits may be used interchangeably at any eliseo dining venue

› Delectable menu options for every meal of the day that change often and offer great variety

› Fresh, house-made desserts available at every meal

› Resident input on menu choices is always welcome

› All dining venues are open to residents’ family, friends, and guests

Distinct selections

Different occasions call for different settings, each with their own unique flavor to enhance the experience.

At eliseo, no matter what you’re craving, our executive chef and experienced team can craft a meal you’ll always remember. Each of our varied dining venues offers inviting atmospheres with menu selections that will surprise and delight with every bite.

The Atrium

A welcoming, restaurant-style dining room that offers three sit-down or takeout meals per day. Selections include everything from Chef Stage Center Meals, where food is skillfully prepared and served sizzling hot from the skillet, to the delectable sweets enjoyed at the many celebrations and events we host.

The Café

Enjoy a casual experience offering daily specials of delicious soups and sandwiches. The ultimate option for convenience, this easygoing environment lets residents enjoy going out for a meal without the need to leave our beautiful campus.