The Perks of Senior Living in Tacoma

No matter where you live now, if you’re thinking about where to retire, then you should be thinking about senior living in Tacoma, WA, a city that will give you a high quality of life at a comfortable cost. A breathtakingly beautiful port city, Tacoma is located on the Puget Sound about 32 miles southwest of Seattle. This truly charming Pacific Northwest destination boasts an incredible array of outdoor activities, cultural touchstones, historic landmarks and phenomenal food, not to mention the highly desirable benefits of Washington retirement taxes.

Senior living in Tacoma offers an untold number of opportunities to enjoy the life you deserve on your own terms, especially in a Life Plan Community, where you can just step outside your door and find new, fun ways to spend your time. Whether you’d like to spend your days boating on Puget Sound, exploring the astounding natural surroundings or pursuing creative passions old and new, you’ll never be at a loss for reasons to love your decision to retire here. In fact, here are our three top reasons why you should consider retiring to Tacoma, Washington.

For Your Health

The Pacific Northwest features some of the best world-class health care available. Retirees in Washington enjoy access to award-winning hospitals and have all the tools they need to age well and happily in the Evergreen State. There’s ample opportunity for you to stay active and healthy well into your retirement years. All around you’ll find stunning nature trails, water recreation along miles of shoreline, and deliciously fresh food, locally grown and sold at friendly outdoor markets. Whatever you need to age well, you’ll find it in Tacoma. And it’s not just your physical health that will be boosted by this inviting environment — the area’s many cultural performances, outdoor adventures and mild climate can all enhance your mental and spiritual wellness.

Retirees who call Tacoma home have an easygoing disposition that can’t be denied. Perhaps it’s because of the health benefits mentioned above. It could also have a lot to do with Washington state’s tax-friendly approach to retirement. In this state, social security, pensions, and retirement accounts are not taxed. With financial benefits like that, it’s no wonder the people here are so happy and outgoing.

The fresh food selections in the Tacoma area are also a huge component of a healthy senior lifestyle. Pierce County has become a popular foodie destination due to its use of organic produce, exotic seafood, fine wine and local ingredients. Many skilled culinary artisans enjoy the area because it is so easy to find deliciously unique components that make their way to the plates in neighborhood restaurants. All along the area’s 46 miles of sparkling shoreline, waterfront restaurants offer gorgeous outdoor dining environments to complement the gourmet dishes they prepare daily. Along Ruston Way, you’ll find sustainably sourced delights at Duke’s Chowder House, The Lobster Shop, and Tacoma’s classic seafood mainstay, Harbor Lights. 

For Your Amusement

At the heart of Tacoma’s vibrant urban core is a culture rich in history and alive with inspiring artwork. The city’s mild climate makes it hard to want to stay indoors, which is why there are often so many free concerts and art exhibits available to enjoy throughout the year. The city abounds with creativity around every corner. Residents love to stroll Tacoma’s bustling downtown, full of inviting shops and popular restaurants where local favorites are always on the menu. This friendly atmosphere inspires all who visit or live here year-round to appreciate both the old and the new, which is clear to see in Tacoma’s historic theaters, affinity for antique cars, and unique spin on classic art, like its world-renowned glass works.

The industrial roots of Tacoma’s early days run deep. Perhaps that’s why so many of the city’s many talented artists hone their craft within the industrial art of glassblowing. Tacoma, the glass art capital of the Pacific Northwest, is home to two must-see museums: the Tacoma Art Museum and Museum of Glass. These world-class studio glass art collections are connected by the Dale Chihuly Bridge of Glass — a 500 foot pedestrian bridge that holds three amazing Chihuly glass installations and is open to the public 24 hours a day.

Tacoma is also an ideal destination for outdoor adventures. Nestled in the banks of Puget Sound, the city offers breathtaking vistas in every direction, along with an abundance of beautiful plantlife. For those in search of more exciting activities, Tacoma has countless hiking trails and idyllic local parks to explore. Wright Park, with its 27 acres and miles of covered walking trails, offers the perfect setting for a relaxing day in nature. There is also an arboretum in the park with more than 600 trees, as well as grassy picnic areas. Once you’ve finished taking in all the scenery, grandkids, or children of any age, can spend hours enjoying its playgrounds and spraygrounds in the summer.

The Sound is also the perfect escape for kayakers and all water sport enthusiasts. Foss Waterway Seaport is home to the plenty of fun pursuits to enjoy on the water. It’s also the place to go to learn all about the history of seafaring in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the building that houses the seaport was once a wooden wheat warehouse and has stood in this historic spot for over one hundred years.

For Your Education

Arguably, one of the best aspects of senior living in Tacoma is the ability to continue pursuing your interests and exploring new opportunities for personal growth and lifelong learning. In a senior living community, the only limit to your intellectual interests is your own curiosity. Not only will you enjoy access to amazing programs and amenities that can introduce you to new cultures and activities, but you can also easily explore all there is to see and do in and around Tacoma.

The story of Washington and the entire Pacific Northwest is unlike most others throughout the United States. For this reason, the Washington State History Museum is must-see. Here, you can travel back in time to learn about everything from women’s suffrage and the World Wars, to the mysterious tale of D.B. Cooper. Each of the museum’s comprehensive galleries are adorned in period-accurate memorabilia like photographs, historical documents and authentic antiques. Grandkids will also love the interactive sections of the museum like the History Lab and the Model Railroad.

If you’re up for something a little off the beaten path, visit Fuzhou Ting, a picturesque garden planted and designed in the Chinese style to mirror that of one of Tacoma’s sister cities, Fuzhou, China. Located on the beautiful Ruston Way Waterfront, this idyllic park neighbors Puget Sound, allowing you to take in breathtaking views. In addition to the spectacular garden, you’ll marvel at the intricately decorated pavilion, stone sculptures of traditional Chinese motifs and ornate bridges over peaceful streams.

A city like Tacoma offers myriad ways for seniors to enjoy every day to the fullest and live the life they’ve always wanted. If you’ve considered this kind of active lifestyle for yourself, consider a community like eliseo, where sharing time with friends, pursuing your passions, and enjoying a secure plan for your future is easy.