Unique Wellness Opportunities You’ll Find Only at eliseo

director of nursing
Ryan Schroeder RN, BSN
Director of Nursing

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you rest, you rust.” 

Actress Helen Hayes came up with that gem — and the award-winning stage and screen performer definitely knew what she was talking about. Her career spanned eight decades and she lived to be almost 93 years old. Even after she retired from acting at 87, she spent the rest of her years actively writing and carrying out her philanthropic work.

Ryan Schroeder may not be quite as famous as Helen Hayes, but he has a pretty astute saying, too. “‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčLongevity is much more than how long a person lives. It’s also about how well a person lives.”

Like Hayes, Schroeder also knows what he’s talking about. He is a Registered Nurse and has been eliseo’s director of nursing services for more than three years. Before that, he served eight years in the U.S. Army as an ICU nurse, and has an extensive clinical background working in surgical short stays, emergency rooms and intensive care units.

From his roles caring for soldiers to trauma patients, and now to older adults living at eliseo, Schroeder deeply appreciates the value of wellness. He knows that wellness is about much more than treating and preventing illness: It’s about caring for the whole person.

 “A soldier, a trauma patient or an older adult may live a long time with an injury or illness, but what about their overall quality of life?” Schroeder asked. “Again, longevity is also about how well a person lives.”

Wellness is multi-faceted at eliseo

At eliseo, the focus isn’t solely on physical health, such as nutrition, exercise and weight management; rather, eliseo looks at an older adult resident’s holistic wellness. That includes physical but also spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental and emotional wellness. 

“‚Äč‚ÄčI’ve always believed in the importance of caring for the whole person,” Schroeder said. “At eliseo, you can be confident that you have all the support and opportunity that you need to live well.”

Here are some of the unique ways in which eliseo helps residents improve and maintain their overall wellness — in mind, body and spirit — so that they may enjoy a better quality of life.

The Dimensions and the eliseo Difference

The National Wellness Institute lists six dimensions that make up our overall wellness; we’ll define each and explain how eliseo fully embraces each dimension.

Physical: embracing our need for physical activity and nutritional needs. 

At eliseo, the Emerson Wellness & Clark Aquatic Center is an innovative LEED-certified service center featuring a saltwater pool and spa, exercise equipment room and aerobic studio. Certified instructors teach classes from Zen yoga and Tai Chi to Strength & Balance and Aqua Fit. Even more exciting additions are being introduced for residents’ benefit.

“The community recently introduced an innovative new fitness program that was developed by a doctor of physical therapy,” Schroeder said. “The new approach to fitness is a great addition to the overall program and helps us to offer something for every interest and fitness goal.”

In addition, eliseo’s dining experience is truly on par with what you’d find at fine Tacoma restaurants. Mouthwatering selections, prepared by a supremely talented, full-time executive chef and an attentive team, will provide all the nutrition needed without ever sacrificing taste.

Intellectual: nurturing our creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.

At eliseo, the Life Enrichment Team thoughtfully plans each activity and outing based on residents’ input, interests and passions. From special museum excursions to outings to art galleries, there really is no limit to the adventures residents can discover.

Residents don’t even need to leave eliseo to explore lifelong learning. They can concoct deliciously cooked and baked goods in our resident kitchen, create in the art studio and enjoy a variety of entertainment that includes bands, professional dancers and educational speakers — all right on campus. The Chihuly Family Art Center, also on campus, allows residents to get creative with a fully equipped woodworking shop and a textile, ceramic and painting studio.

Emotional: coping effectively with life‚Äôs challenges, managing stress and building our inner strength.

At eliseo, “our residents all have complex personal and family relationships that affect their overall sense of wellness,” Schroeder said. “For our residents, that means that when they live at eliseo we’re not just caring for them but their family and loved ones as well.” 

For example, two chaplains are available for grief counseling and support. The community also welcomes opportunities for pet therapy. Five gentle and loving dogs, a mini-horse, two pigs, several bunnies and other unusual furry friends visit our long-term care residents from time to time. And  a chinchilla, two cockatiels and various fish ‘live’ throughout the community.It’s just one example of the innovative ways in which eliseo supports residents’ emotional well-being.

Social: developing our sense of connection, belonging and well-developed support systems.

At eliseo, residents enjoy opportunities to meet, mix and mingle in every space inside and outside the community itself, such as in Edwards Plaza, which provides places to reflect and share stories, and the Arneklev Garden with its numerous garden beds to meet everyone’s gardening needs and abilities. 

Environmental: creating and occupying positive, stimulating environments that support our well-being.

At eliseo, residents can enjoy the Arneklev Garden, with its numerous concrete garden beds designed specifically to meet everyone’s gardening needs and abilities. Many residences offer private outdoor spaces including patios, decks or covered verandas that look out onto our lush, green landscape. The community is also beautifully located to feature gorgeous views of Mt. Rainier, and the campus itself boasts private streets and sidewalks ideal for strolling.

In addition, the community provides a wide variety of environments and resources to support residents across every level of living. “It’s especially touching to me when I see couples who are benefiting from the ability to remain on the same campus, even if they need different levels of care,” Schroeder said. 

“For example, we have several couples who live in different areas of the community but enjoy dinner together each night, or the weekly on-site chapel services together, just as they have for decades.” 

Spiritual: expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life.  

At eliseo, we offer extensive spiritual opportunities to pursue what faith, worship and spirituality look like to you. Our two chaplains provide counsel and prayer to all in need, conducting Communion, Bible studies, grief counseling and support, and so much more. Residents of all faith traditions are invited to attend daily chapel service in our beautiful place of worship.

Discover All the Unique Benefits of Life at eliseo

“The sooner you move in, the longer you’ll get to enjoy all of the unique and amazing things that eliseo has to offer,” Schroeder said. “The longer you’re here, the more friends you’ll have the opportunity to make.”Come see what your future could look like at eliseo. Contact us by calling 253.319.3947, or schedule an appointment to visit our Tacoma, WA, senior living campus.