Relocating to Tacoma for Retirement

“The three most important factors when buying a property are location, location, location.”

For anyone who’s ever owned any sort of real estate, that mantra is a familiar and oft-repeated one. It also happens to be true.

That’s because people often buy homes based on how much they like the square footage, interior design or layout — all of which can be remodeled or renovated. But what they’re also buying is the surrounding neighborhood — and a homeowner can’t change where a home is situated.

The “location, location, location” motto is just as applicable for older adults looking for the best cities and states in which to retire. In Tacoma, WA, for instance, there are an estimated 300 senior living communities in and around the Tacoma area. With so many options, it’s important to choose one that meets a number of wants and needs today, and in the future.

And location is one big consideration. You may already know Tacoma is often rated one of the best cities to retire in; the city boasts a number of perks for seniors who live here.

But Tacoma is a big city with lots of neighborhoods and senior living options. So if you’re ready to downsizesell your current home and find the right retirement community, what actually goes into determining the best location so you’ll have everything you need to happily age in place? 

Take a look at five important factors that play into finding the ideal location, and examine how one Life Plan Community in particular, eliseo, hits all five categories.

  1. Neighborhood. A great neighborhood will typically have some things in common: accessibility to a city’s major transit routes, appearance of landscaping, nearby parks and public spaces, as well as nearby essentials like grocery stores, pharmacies, shops and restaurants.

Why eliseo: This Life Plan Community is close to Pearl Street, which features grocery and hardware stores, banks, pharmacies and churches within a few minutes’ drive. Green spaces, including Kandler, Jane Clark, Vassault parks and the 700-acre gem, Point Defiance Park, are also all short drives away. The vibrant Ruston Way Waterfront is in our neighborhood, as is the 6th Avenue and Proctor Districts, which offer residents unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. 

  1. Centrality. People want to live where supply and demand are in balance: There aren’t too many or too few possibilities for growth. Too few possibilities for growth mean land costs skyrocket. Too many possibilities could suggest an urban exodus and blight.    

Why eliseo: The community is actually expanding its campus to add 91 new independent living homes. And the community is located in one of the most liveable and stunning areas in the Pacific Northwest — the South Puget Sound. And don’t overlook nearby I-16, which quickly carries drivers from Tacoma southwest to the heart of Tacoma, northwest to Bremerton and north to Seattle and the Sea-Tac Airport.

  1. Lot location. Homes near busy roads may be undesirable due to traffic noise. Places with large parking lots, such as churches or big box stores, may cause light pollution and be busy at unusual hours. If your residence backs up to a golf course or is nestled in a quiet residential area, chances are good you’ll enjoy sitting outside on a patio or balcony, listening to birds chirp and the trees rustle in the breeze.

Why eliseo: Aside from being neighbors with a golf course, eliseo is tucked into one of Tacoma’s most desirable neighborhoods, among the quiet, winding streets of many single-family homes. And eliseo residents can enjoy remarkable views of Mount Rainier on clear Washington days.

  1. The actual home you select. When looking at homes, many people are attracted to one that needs no updates right now and is considered move-in ready. Yet that can be short-sighted: What if the home will need extensive renovations so the new occupants can age in place? Often there are more benefits to choosing a residence that meet the needs and wants of the occupants both today and in the future. 

Why eliseo: Ths community offers both independent living condos and apartments in a variety of floor plans. And every residence offers services to enhance your lifestyle, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping services
  • Meal service
  • Access and use of the Emerson Wellness & Clark Aquatic Center and Mortvedt Recreation Center
  • Life enrichment activities and programming

Something else to note is that eliseo aims to help independent living residents comfortably stay in their homes as long as possible. That’s why the community created the Innovations Home, a model home featuring the latest products and technology that support aging in place for residents.

If you’re a resident at eliseo, you also have access to the full continuum of care, should you ever need it. Assisted living, short-term stays and rehabilitation, long-term care and memory care are all right on campus.

  1. Development. Again, it’s not just the present that matters when choosing where to live. What are the future plans for the neighborhood? Are new residential areas being proposed for that lovely green space across the street? Will that empty lot become office space, or a new shopping center?

Why eliseo: As mentioned above, eliseo is thoughtfully expanding its thriving campus, integrating new independent living residences with its plentiful and unique common spaces. And for a fully refundable deposit of just $500, you can become a Charter Member, risk-free.

Find out why you should learn about eliseo

We understand location is so important when considering your senior living options. If you’re in the Tacoma, WA, area, a personal visit is the best way to get to know our Life Plan Community and our neighborhood.

Come see what your future could look like at eliseo. Contact us by calling 253.319.3947, or schedule an appointment to visit our Tacoma, WA, senior living campus.