eliseo and Foss Home & Village partner to expand senior care offerings

eliseo and Foss Home & Village (external link) have entered into a partnership agreement.

The partnership allows both senior care communities to help more seniors by providing services that support active lifestyles, compassionate engagement, and dignified living.

“Our mission is to serve older adults and positively impact the lives of our residents,” says eliseo President and CEO Kevin McFeely. “Joining in partnership with Foss Home & Village in Seattle allows for a meaningful and effective partnership that enables both of our communities to serve more seniors.”

Leaders for eliseo and Foss Home & Village would like our community to know:

  • There will be no immediate changes to operations at eliseo or Foss.
  • Under the partnership, Kevin McFeely becomes presidents and CEO for eliseo and Foss effective May 2, 2022.
  • The eliseo-Foss partnership provides a solution to rising operational costs that allows both communities to pay staff a fair and livable wage, share resources, and maximize efficiencies.

“Foss Home & Village and eliseo are mission-driven, service focused organizations that share a historical relationship with the Lutheran church,” says Foss home & Village President and CEO Rick Henry who retires at the end of April. “We are excited to bring our communities together to the benefit of seniors throughout the Puget Sound area.”

Both eliseo and Foss are non-profit organizations. The eliseo-Foss partnership empowers senior care professionals to collaborate, developing methods and resources to serve residents. Through this partnership, eliseo and Foss wish continue welcoming people into our collective communities.