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There’s a lot about retirement that you might not know unless you go out of your way to do the research. And that’s exactly why we’ve created this blog—to give you a go-to resource for everything you might need to know about senior living. Choose a piece below to start getting the full scoop on retirement:


7 Steps to Take When Selling Your Home

October 28th, 2021 Retirement is an exciting time. Moving to a new Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) where you’ll be surrounded by new people and new opportunities turns that excitement up to an even higher level. If you’re like so many retirees, there’s one big step still to take before...
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Making Mental Health A Priority as You Age

October 5th, 2021 As we grow older, naturally, our minds do too. And while older age comes with more wisdom and knowledge, it also becomes easier to forget that we have to nourish ourselves in order to maintain our overall well-being. Because although it’s often less visible on the surface,...
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Questions to Ask When Comparing Retirement Communities

September 19th, 2021 Just as no two people’s experiences in retirement are identical, no two senior living communities are created the same.  Some are designed for the 55-plus community, others cater to people 65 and older.  Some are all about the senior living amenities, while others emphasize the levels of...
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The Benefits of Planning Early for Retirement Living

August 20th, 2021 “I’m not ready.” Those three little words are packed with a lot of power. If you’ve only started planning for your life in retirement, it’s what you might be saying to yourself right now.  That’s understandable: If you’re 55 years old, how do you know what kind...
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Moving to a Retirement Community in Uncertain Times

July 23rd, 2021 When picturing your retirement and making plans for the future, chances are a global pandemic never factored into the equation. As vaccination numbers increase and the light at the end of the tunnel brightens, you may start revisiting plans that had to be put on hold, plans...
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Why Nutrition is Important for Seniors

July 22, 2021 It’s no secret: Having a healthy diet is one of the most important choices you can make for yourself on a day-to-day basis. That’s because whether you're 25 or 65, balanced nutrition is a key difference between good health and…well, not so good health. Responsible for everything...
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Independent vs. Assisted Living: Understanding the Differences

June 18th, 2021 Whether you’ve retired recently or you’re well into retirement, you probably have a vision of how you want this phase of your life to go. Either way, the best way for the goals of your future to come to fruition is to be aware of your options. ...
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10 Ways to Stay Active as a Senior

Everyone’s heard it from a young age: “It’s important to stay active.” That statement becomes more true every day as people grow older. In your senior years, it may seem harder to stay as active as you once were, but there are so many ways that you can keep your...
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The Perks of Senior Living in Tacoma

No matter where you live now, if you’re thinking about where to retire, then you should be thinking about senior living in Tacoma, WA, a city that will give you a high quality of life at a comfortable cost. A breathtakingly beautiful port city, Tacoma is located on the Puget...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Senior Living in Tacoma, WA

Have you started thinking about your plans for retirement? Not just the things you’d like to do, but big picture questions like where you’ll live, how you’ll pay for it and what you’ll do once your health needs start to change? Answers to questions like these may seem like they’re...
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Continuum of Care at eliseo: The Right Choice for Seniors

A Life Plan Community might be the most appropriately named senior living product you’ll ever come across. It’s quite literally: A retirement community that Provides you with a smart plan for your future, along with Opportunities for you to fully enjoy a more active, enjoyable, purposeful life Yet you might be surprised...
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Planned Expansion Advances our Mission to Make Life Better for Residents

For more than 80 years, eliseo™ (previously named Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community) has given generations of seniors opportunities to continue growing meaningfully in their retirement. Now, we’re taking the opportunity to grow meaningfully as well. In 2020, our senior living community shared detailed plans for a significant expansion that will...
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