About Us

Who we are.

Our Mission

Engaging lives through active living, compassion and dignity.


Who we are and what we believe.
In this community, we greet each day with a servant’s heart.
In this community, residents are our highest priority.
In this community, all are welcome.

These beliefs—born from the bedrock of our history and faith—
will continue to transform our community.

It’s a community where life is embraced.
A community where we never stop empowering our residents.
A community where everyone—staff, residents and guests—can thrive

Our Vision

We strive to advance and enrich the lives of our residents, continuously adapting to a changing world while  cultivating a community founded on the principles of selfless service.

Our Values 

The principles we use as the compass for our actions.

Our service is also our calling.
When we enhance the lives of others, we become closer to the person we were created to be.

Our diversity is our strength.
When we actively engage with all people, we become a more powerful community.

Our fulfillment is found in their fulfillment.
When we anticipate opportunities to positively impact the lives of our residents,
we become a more proactive, progressive, pro-resident community.