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Myths & Facts of Life Plan Communities

What comes to your mind first when you think of a senior living community? If you’re like a lot of people, the answer probably isn’t an ideal place to live. That’s because there are so many myths and misconceptions about senior living and Life Plan Communities. It’s understandable too, if...

Financial Basics of a Life Plan Community

If you’re just beginning to look into senior living communities, you probably have two very big questions you want answered: What are the options, and how much does it cost? Both are great questions, and smart places to start — because the cost of a senior living community can vary...

Senior Living Amenities You Need to Know About

Have you ever wondered what daily senior living at a place like eliseo actually looks like? Maybe your mind has conjured up images of group fitness classes, day trips to nearby attractions, and other leisurely activities that seniors like to enjoy. You’re not far off. Most Life Plan Communities offer...

Senior Living vs. Aging in Place: Which is Best for You?

What’s the best way to enjoy active senior living in retirement? It’s a question many people will ask themselves at some point, and it’s one that has a wide variety of different answers. Some may decide that aging in place — staying in the home they already know — is...